Have you seen the Only Outdoor Mo City Sculpture?

30 May

At one point in the past, there was a Fort Bend Arts Council. As far as I can tell, it was active for at least five years before the founder and director moved to Georgia with her family. Several members--including myself--were disappointed and tried to keep it going for a time. The most difficult part of trying to do so was keeping in touch with other artist who resided across the Brazos river. 

Well, before the founder left town, her final Council function was to have a showing in the shopping center on Cartwright near Quail Valley. That's when the mayor of Missouri City, Allen Owen, realized that he had a resident sculptor, who had studied from some professionals in France. It was his idea to honor the First Responders of Mo. City with a statue.

So, for the year of 1998, this artist worked to create this piece called, "The Protectors". If you've been to the City Complex at the corner of Cartwright and FM 1092, you saw the 1,000 lb statue of a policeman; a fireman; a boy (my son, Trever), and a girl. If you haven't been there yet, no hurry--the statue is guaranteed to last for 800 years. If it doesn't last, the city can notify me, and I will replace it.  

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