There were signs that talent was there

29 May

Some of you might remember when there were no signals to indicate which way you were turning in your car. What you had to do was roll your window down and place your arm out to let the car behind you know which way you were going. For instance, when you wanted to turn left, you placed your arm straight out the window. To turn right, you placed your left arm in a 90 degree position. If you wanted to stop, your arm was down in the 90 degree position. Do you remember that? Okay, here's the deal. The driver behind you could tell where you were going because of the signs they saw you give.

Now, here's why I mention this analogy. I remember when I was only 7-8 years old when my dear mother traveled to Crockett, TX from Houston, for us to visit our grandmother for a couple of days during the summer. That year of my youth, my mother suggested I take along a drawing pad she bought me, to show my granny how I could draw. When we got there, granny asked me if I could draw something out of the Bible. I turned the pages until I came to a picture of Jesus getting baptized by John the Baptist. Well, I sat down on the floor in the corner of her living room and began to draw. When I finished--seemingly twenty minutes later--she looked at what I drew and declared to my mother; "This boy is going to be an artist."

What my granny saw in me was talent that I knew I had, but no clue as to where it was going. But, because she called it out in clear words, that declaration seared itself into my consciousnesses, and 'wha la'! 

What actually happened was that declaration that I was to become an artist really meant that my creativity was going to be opened up to a whole universe of possibilities. Not just drawing, but painting, sculpting, writing, speaking, teaching, and so much more. 

I can see some of that talent in my own gandkids now. And to be honest with you, just a couple are displaying drawing talents. But I can see they are all showing their creative receptors are lit up for all possibilities. Perhaps in the art world, or science, or education. I make a point to give them words of 'possibilities' that might give them the license to explore the universe of talents out there. You can do it too...go for it!

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