Traveling in Spain

19 Jul

You never want to go to Spain alone, or even just as a couple. This Ancient Land must be explored in groups, and preferably people from other countries--not your own. My wife and I went there a couple of years ago in late fall, and man was it miserable. When I say rainy and a bit cold, I mean it. But, even if you go in the summer, I suspect you will encounter some form of discomfort so, you might as well just go. The place is beautiful--all of it. I was struck by the marvelous structures that date back to the early days of the Moors and before. The thing about the Europeans, they do take care of the antiquities. Beyond that, I was totally taken aback with the artistry. The detail noted on even the smallest structures was amazing. Those workers had to have the patience of JOB to capture such details. Anyway--go see for yourself and let me know if I am right. Until next time--Adios!

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